Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mother's Day Whatnots

Hey all...back again.

I was trying to get things done for Mother's Day. I do have a feeling that my other and grandmother are pretty much just dreading getting their presents this year. Or they will be really happy. Who knows.

Usually, I try to make things that suit my sense of humor or have some sort of original bent. This time, I just went with the patterns in the book. They are both from the Better Homes and Gardens Big Book of Cross Stitch or some such title. I got it used for about a dollar. I have actually wound up using it much more than expected. I have gotten four items out of it so far, and am using one of the alphabets in the back for another one.

These two patterns were chosen because they match wallpaper. Seriously.

This is the first time I have made anything for my grandmother, and she can be a about things. The pattern matches her new kitchen wallpaper. I think.

It took forever because of all of the color changes. A lot of stopping and starting.

I took some pictures of it in progress earlier, and here it is done and framed...

It is way too nerdy for me, but there it is. I actually like the lettuce the best. Probably because it was a lot of effort. I also sort of like the material. It sort of looks like I made it on an old potato sack, which is kind of cool in a "Little House on the Prairie" farm woman kind of way.

And now for the one for my mother. I don' t like it near as much. I also decided on this one because it matches the color in her bathroom. She also had some sea horse guest soap in a dish last time I was there. It is entirely possible that someone just gave her the soap and she put it out to be nice. I don't recall her enjoying nautical themed stuff when I was a kid...but hey.

It was probably a really bad idea to chose a pattern based on something that will wind up disintegrating, as you are then just left with a framed thing apropos of nothing. it is:

The material is actually a light blue which isn't showing up very well. I also really need to learn how to put stuff on those board things better and trim my strings better. Again, they don't show up in real life as much as they do in the picture.

Here is a better picture. I do like the frame, so maybe she can at least use that.


  1. If you stitched someone on a toilet it would always apply. Unless someone were standing. But everyone sits eventually even if it's just once a week like my partner. but then you're faced with "reading or not reading". i say reading and then make sure there are always magazines in there. Then you can say in defense of your art, "It's not my fault you weren't reading. What are you, stupid? A stupid non-reader is what you are. Geesh."

    I like the swimmy horses more.

  2. The swimmy horses make me dizzy. And now I have to go to the bathroom. Hope there's some pretty stitchery on the wall when I get there....

  3. So sea horses make you have to pee?

    Best that it hanging in the bathroom then!

    Also, I am now calling them "swimmy horses" instead of sea horses. It's just cuter.

  4. is she the same mom you grew up with who forbade using the "holy soap"? then it wouldn't disintegrate, and your design would be a flawless choice...

    I love muslin because it's "imperfect" and has its own character, which is a lot like the aida you picked out for the veggies--the background itself is unique.