Monday, April 12, 2010

Muy Caliente!

Sometimes I just get bored and want to start working on something stupid and easy.

This was one of those times...

The germ of the idea was that I had some left over floss in the colors of the Mexican flag. Well, green, red and yellow, not exactly the right colors, but close enough.

So then I had to think of something borderline offensive to say in Spanish. I didn't want it to be racist or anything...but just sort of offensive enough to get a laugh. Then I remembered a phrase I saw on a t-shirt once "Fiesta en mes Pantalones." ("Party in my Pants" for all of you who cannot wrap your mouths around the Spanish tongue.)

I knew I needed some embellishment for it, but none of my cheap deal cross stitch pattern books had anything near goofy enough for me. Then I came across a page with small patterns for a baby shower gift. The stitching muse hit me like a ton of bricks!

"You know, Brent," the muse began, "if you take the little handles off of the pattern for those baby rattles, they sure would look like maracas!"

Gracias Muse!

So that is what I did. I then put it all in a plain wooden frame that I thought would look rustic and was on sale at the craft store for a dollar.

Unfortunately, it just wound up looking plain and beige. Certainly not the fiesta I had initially envisioned. So back to the store I went, too find something to spruce up my Plain Jane frame. Lo and behold, I wondered into the scrapbooking aisle.

Normally I find people who scrapbook more than a little odd....but hey, I guess I have no right to cast stones. I am nearly 40 and have started a grandma's hobby. Go on with your business, crazy scrapbook people! Especially now that I know you can provide really tacky stickers for me to put all over my wooden frame.

Its tacky as all hell, but I love it!

The initial work. The maracas originally had little handles on them at the bottom . They were easy enough to skip. At this point, I had no idea that I should trip the extra thread off of the back. It isn't as noticeable in real life, though.

You can see how plain this would have been without the stickers. They are really something, don't you think?

The sombreros and chili peppers add just the right tough of class.

Tacos and tequila, anyone???


  1. I think it looks fabulous!

  2. I adore this! What font did you use? Would love to make one for my house. :)