Thursday, September 6, 2012

Stitch, Neely, Stitch...or... Valley of the Demanding Relatives

So, my cousin messaged me with a special request.  Normally, I would have just laughed derisively and told him to move on.  Because that's the kind of fella I am.  A real sweetheart. Unfortunately, I agreed to take on his little project because a) it was funny and b) he is family.  So what do you do?

You see his girlfriend found this pillow on a hideously overpriced but cool web page.  We shall call it  It is really cool, but almost $100.
Who am I to turned down a Valley of the Dolls reference?  No one, I say.

Oddly enough, it turns out my cousin's girlfriend had never seen Valley of the Dolls.  She just thought it was funny.

Anyhoo....I told him I could try out a version of it with what I had lying around the house.  Oh, and I don't do pillows.  However, I did have some old bathroom towels I bought on sale at JoAnn's about 2 years ago for an aborted Christmas project.  Would she like one of them instead.  His (lack of) excitement was palpable, but I decided to forge ahead anyways.  Especially since it wasn't going to really cost me anything.

I took these pictures with my phone, so not the best quality.  Just pretend you have been popping dolls...

I tried to make it look like the pill on the end was broken and spilling out into the other side,.  Just like on the old Contact cold medicine commercials.

Here is the whole shebang with the exciting pill border.  I wish I could have found a better font.  But I still like it.

And here it is from afar.  I do think it hilarious.  And a nice reminder on those days you just don't feel like heading to work....

Here is the trailer for the movie in case you are totally lost...

Forward to about 1:10 for the actual scene the towel references.

Oh well...hope she likes it.

PS  Just to show you how weird I erally am (like you need that), I once went to a Valley of the Dolls party in college.  I made a pill-shaped pink cake and wrote "Sparkle!" on it in icing.  Then I threw TicTacs all over it.  Huge success.  Just a tip for your next Patty Duke themed affair!

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