Friday, July 23, 2010

Seriously Ugly. Seriously.

Just to keep the literally tens of you out there who actually pay attention to what I am doing on here in suspense for the weekend...

I am currently working on what might be the ugliest cross stitch project I have ever done. Seriously. There is just no getting around it.

I found a small pattern in a really nice book ("A Rainbow of Stitches" if you are curious) filled with really nice projects and things. It really is a gorgeous (and I don't use that word often) book.

I found this small pattern that just looked so awesome in the pictures. I had some oddly colored Aida to use and chose an odd color of DMC floss I was sure would do well together. I even had a funny little phrase and a font all picked out for it.

Worked on it for about an hour and a half before I realized how truly unattractive it is.

I am going to finish it though, just to show it to you all.

I'll try to get it done while i am doing laundry on Sunday.

Seriously ugly. Seriously.


  1. Well! It would have to be pretty unattractive to compare to THAT picture! WOW! this project is like that ugly puppy people feel sorry for....take it for it....

    you are taking it home...stitching it and finishing it. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

    Just kidding. I can understand finishing it on principle. and who knows you liked it before, maybe you will like it again. Maybe your mastery of the art of thread painting will just make all the difference! You are the Maestro!

    Can't wait to see!

  2. Mama always said "Pretty, comes and goes, but
    ugly is forever!"
    Can't wait to see your forever project.

  3. How ugly are we talking here?? "pulling a sucking on a lemon face" ugly or "made me vom in my mouth a bit" ugly?? Very curious now?! Inquiring minds want to know

  4. I cant wait to see it.

  5. Looking forward to it, but I bet I can prove that there's uglier out there! :)

  6. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder? I'm trying to be positive here! You have everyone's curiosity running wild now, can't wait to see what you're doing this time!

  7. Got sadly sidetracked by other things this week.

    I promise I will show you my ugly baby very soon.

    I happened to catch a quick glance at it last night when I was cleaning up.

    Still hideous....and I have yet to understand what went wrong.