Thursday, July 22, 2010

Things I Wouldn't Understand. Things I Shouldn't Understand, part deux

Bonjour, mes amis.

Je m'appelle Yves-Gaston.

Bienvenue to my tasteful maison.

Oui, it is just a small pied-a-terre here in Pennsylvania where I take some time for myself when Paris gets too crowded avec les touristes.

Fumez-vous? Would you like a Gauloise? Yes, it is all I see fit to smoke, I am afraid.

Here, come sit by my giant ashtray while I tell you all of the bon mots I have learned about Napoleon from this old issue of Paris Match I found in my closet.

The lamp?

Oh how impressive of you to notice. What a cultured eye you possess, ma petite choux!

Believe it or not, I hand stitched it myself. Les can-can girls are tres Francais, n'est-ce pas?

Tres, tres Francais.

Oui....I find MacCall's Complete Book of Stitchery to be the only true source of such breathtaking, truly Continental design.


Where are you going?

Why do you look so scared?

Oh well... Au revoir, mes amis nouvelles.


  1. LOL. God bless the 70s. Somewhere, that lamp shade is waiting for a yard sale.

  2. Tres Chic! Fabulous job! Very "collectablesque"!

  3. Rachel, I like to imagine that it is on display at some magazine publishing house with a gold plaque reading, "Helped Kill Print Media."

    Dearest Anonymous (and how happy would I be to know your name) I cannot take credit for actually making this lampshade, I hope you know.

    This is merely a picture from a magazine that I found amusant.

    Quite frankly, I don't think have the oeufs to make that one.

  4. I not only have the oeufs to stitch that, I would have that sitting on my desk! That is hilarious! I love that! :)

  5. Then rock on, Decker...

    I made a copy of the pattern just in case I grow a pair and want to make it. Ha!

    Now I just need to find me an ugly ass lamp.

  6. Oh my goodness! The name is Denise. I really should fix that! My apologies. And here I thought that was your end table! LOLOLOLOL See? Your French was so good, I thought you were serious! Ha! But now I see your thumb in the picture. I am not as observant as I thought I was.

    Well on one of your infamous floss runs, incorporate garage sales. I am sure you will find that ugly ass lamp in a heart beat! LOL