Thursday, July 1, 2010

Parallel Universe

Did you ever see one of those episodes of "Intervention" on A&E (The Arts and Entertainment Channel, which, as it turns out, is rarely artful or entertaining...discuss) where instead of just giving the addict in question money to go buy their own drugs, friends and family members insist on actually going with the addict to the drug purchasing location? I never actually understand what the family member is trying to prove. Is there some sort of protection the family member feels he or she can offer? Does said family member think his or her presence alone will cause the addict to wake up and say, "You know what mom? You're right. I don't need to shoot up today. Thanks for being here?" Or is it just flat out morbid curiosity about where their child/brother/friend spends his time?

It just makes me curious.

In other news, my neighbor and possibly another friend of mine are heading out of town on a floss run on Saturday! I have heard rumors that AC Moore is having another "five for a dollar" floss sale!


  1. Maybe they want to make sure they're spending the money on drugs and not something else. though that would be wierd and ironic.

  2. I am pretty sure my friends are coming with me on the floss run just to see exactly how insane I can be about the whole thing.

  3. It is not so much that you are going on another floss run (is being able to do that every day too much to ask?)....or that you are taking friends so you get more than the max (that shows what a thrifty shopper you are)...but some would say they are truly concerned because the distance you are will to travel to say $ you will probably pay that in gas! BUT....I KNOW you have calculated the distance, MPH, gas consumption of the vehicle, tail wind, thrust (what thrust has to do with it, I don't know, it just sounded good) and know you will still be getting a bargain and a lovely day out with friends....................................................................................................................................................... I guess I am a junkie too, huh? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

  4. P.S. Just have a blast and we expect to see pictures of the haul! LOL

  5. As a mother of a drug addict I myself have done crazy things. Driving around looking for him, baking cookies for him when he decided to clean himself up. Paying his bills, etc. Giving him a roof over his head so I wouldn't find him dead in the streets. How sick was I? I've learned my lesson over the 8 years I had to witness my Son's addition. He's been clean 2 years, his head is clear now and he thanks me everyday for not giving up on him. Now I spend my time on floss runs and charts. Love your blog...

  6. Well kids, the floss run was a huge success...

    Thanks to the close proximity of AC Moore, Jo-Ann and Micheal's in town (I shall now refer to it as the Floss Loop), my most excellent next-door-neighbor, and a well organized shopping list, I was able to complete my collection of least one skein of every DMC regular floss.

    I also wound up clearing Micheal's out of their linen floss, as it was on clearance (29 cents marked down from $1.29.)

    It is all bagged and organized.

    I am proud to have met my goal... but now what?


    Thanks for all of the encouragement!

    And Anonymous2: good on you! Glad you love it...tell a friend!

  7. OH Manbroiderer! Most auspicious acquisition! Your Quest is over, my liege. It was a glorious day in the Kingdom of Stitchopolisburgvillelandia! His loyal subjects rejoice! The evil Floss Dragon has been smote! (Is that

    OH and the sale on the linen floss? You shall go down in needle history as getting one of the greatest bargains in the land!

    (Sniff) My brother.....I am so very proud!

    Honestly...EXCELLENT HAUL!

    Next quest.....hmmmm give me a minute. LOLOLOLOLOL


  8. A few weeks ago I was at Michaels and their 2 collections of linen floss was $4.99. Just want to warn you it can give you fits using it but boy is it great for certain things. When I use it I cross every stitch as I go.

    Let us know what you think.

  9. I am really excited to use the linen floss. The colors are really nice and subdued...natural looking, I guess.

    I just need to think of a tasteful project that would lend itself to them. Something with "shithead" on it maybe?