Thursday, July 29, 2010

Stitch Along With Stump: Love, Indifferently

First of all, my loves, this is NOT, I repeat NOT, the ugliest cross stitch in craftdom I promised to show off last week. I got sidetracked this weekend by some other stuff (including this one). I say this because I had an image of posting this and having several posts saying, "Hey- that really is the ugliest cross stitch I have ever seen. No joke." Trust will know.

I lived in Philadelphia for a hot minute back in the early Nineties. One of the few things I remember (I think I was sober for a good 17.5 minutes back then, and those minutes were not sequential.) was Robert Indiana's "LOVE" statue in the aptly named LOVE Park in center city. It was very near where I would get the bus from my disgusting job, so I would use it as a landmark on those nights when I It was hard to miss.

The next picture is my favorite of Indiana's variations of his "LOVE" pieces...

When I first found out about on-line pattern makers (the one I use can be found here: ) one of the first things I ran through it was this picture. I just always liked it, and I thought the fact it was in black and white would make it a bit easier. Turns out, no. For the black and white picture above, the pattern maker came back with a chart that included over thirty different DMC colors.

When I printed it out, it looked like this...

The nice things about it are that it has a nice stitch count on the side and it does give you the DMC colors required.

The bad thing is that it can be really hard to read. I think I would try it on a color printer next time. It was a little hard to read.

Here's what I have so far...

As usual, I have no idea how I feel about it yet. There is a huge mistake going on in the upper right part of the "O." I might just repair that, and then leave it as a single thing instead of doing the other four quarters.

What I like about it, so far, is that I decided to do the negative space instead of the positive (ooooh...smell me with my art fart terms and whatnot). I think if I do decide to keep going with it, I'll make do the letters of the top two so it looks like a rubber stamp and the actual stamp.

Eh, who knows.



  1. Just stumbled across your blog and am enjoying it. I, too, have also wanted to tell large crafting stores to 'stick it.'

    Looking forward to your next adventure!

  2. Always so encouraging.. still not sure if I should go the distance and make the whole thing yet, though.

    Angela- glad you are here! I pretty much hold my largest dose of venom for the evil Jo-Ann's...the rest of them have been OK so far. That can always change, though.

    Stick around for more fun....

  3. This looks wonderful so far. The way you are stitching it, filling in the background and leaving the actual letters unstitched, is called Assisi stitching and is a very neat technique!

  4. well thank goodness they didn't change that landmark on you while you were "using it".
    That's too funny!!
    Great stitching!

  5. I'm going to do one like that with the "F" word!