Sunday, June 13, 2010

Is this done? Is it funny?

Sometimes things are funnier in my head than they are when you actually see them done.

Found within the pages of "792.5 Exciting Afternoon Stitchery Projects III," I found a few pages called "People and Professions." There was a milkman, an astronaut, a mailman, a teacher and whatnot. Creatively enough, each of the people were the exact same square body, head and feet except with different hair and clothing. This certainly lead me to see the page as a bald mailman dressed up as different things during his off time. So now in my head, the "People and Professions" page had pretty much changed into "Mailman Marty: Transvestite."

I had no idea how to turn that into a palatable pattern. However, the "transvestite" part stuck.

Also stuck in my head was a cartoon from the late, great "Spy" magazine.

Hence, this creation...

Just not as funny as I wanted it to be. And it requires some recall of 8th grade science class and/or a recent trip to some sort of cavern. If you have to explain a joke, it just ain't funny.

Anyway, here it is in total:

Is it funnier now? Huh? Huh?

In addition to it being not as hilarious as I wanted, it is oddly shaped. The font I chose for the captions wound up being bigger than I anticipated, which made the whole thing long. I really need to plan this stuff out better.

I'm thinking it maybe needs more people on an extra two on each side in different colored dresses. This would unfortunately make it necessary to pluralize both words. Ugh.

I think it really looks bad when you see it as all one thing. The individual pictures don't look too bad.

Oh least I enjoyed it in my head.

We'll see what happens to it.


  1. Yes, very clever...

    Maybe instead of changing the font size, you could add a couple more figures of differing size and/or ground lines to emphasize their growth from trickling water. Or you could position them so one is at the top and the other at the bottom.

    I'd also work on the "v" to make is clearer -- now, it kinda looks like an "o".

    But definitely a keeper!

  2. cute and simple. don't change a thing!!

  3. i got the joke and think it's clever, but the stactite hangs from the top and the stalagmite forms from the ground so it's less funny b/c it's inaccurate.

  4. Very clever punning. Unfortunately, stalactites "hold tight to the ceiling", and stalagmites "might grow tall enough to reach the ceiling". ;-) So your transvestite should be the upside-down one.

  5. So I guess my candidacy for president of the Cross Stitching Spelunkers Society is all but crushed now, huh?


  6. When I make it into a pillow, I will make sure to keep it upside down.

    That should do it.

  7. Hi Manbroiderer,

    Would love to know where the font you used
    for the Trannie (pillow?)could be found,

    love it, even if its upsy downsy!


  8. OMG, that's hilarious!

    I especially like your plan on how to "fix" it, hehe.

  9. Howdy Judy-

    Here's a link to the font.

    There are a few nice ones there.

    The only negative I have about the site is that inputting the words you want to use is a little clunky.

    However, the results are good.

  10. Ok, I laughed really hard until everyone said the bit about messing up the words. Who am I kidding, disturbing as it is, I'm still laughing. Kayona

  11. Thanks, ManBroid!
    I have something I want to chart and that
    helps a lot.


  12. This is so awesome - I nearly fell off my chair laughing at it! :)

  13. Dearest Domestic Goddess...

    Be careful with yourself while sitting on your chairs (which, judging from your choosing to read all of this, I am sure are incredibly tasteful and expensive). I bear no responsibility for injuries sustained by my transvestite works.

    Your pal,

  14. if you are a perfectionist, you could unsew the words and redo to be correct. otherwise, I think it's a great play on words, and damn, anything that makes me laugh is something worth keeping around--even when others don't get it. which is pretty often. but I keep laughing anyway. ;)