Thursday, June 24, 2010

Stitch Along with Stump II: Sticky and Sweet

So, I was home sick yesterday (the less said about that the better), and I decided to root through My Big Bag O' Crap That I Started and Lost Interest In Quickly(tm). It is a sad and pathetic collection of stuff like the Island of Lost Stitching or something. Some of it just got boring, and some of it (like a gigantic Mona Lisa kit that I got online because it was on sale, did about two tiny areas of and then ditched) proved to be a little too ambitious for my severely limited skills.

Among it all was this little number I had started out of a book from Ondorisha. I have no clue if Ondorisha is a person or a publishing house or what. I picture it as some sort of madcap Japanese Willy Wonka-esque factory of whackadoos and Oompa Loompas churning out almost too colorful and trippy designs like this one.

This is from a chapter called "Around Town" or something. There is a clothing store, this candy shop and, fascinatingly enough, a pharmacy. The pharmacy is essentially the candy shop but with pills instead of candy. I'm thinking I am going to start on it as soon as I finish this one and just call them "Candy" and "Pills."

Anyway, all I had done previously was the pretzel, the gingerbread man, and the cookie, and yesterday I got a lot more done. I am really enjoying all of the colors on the black background. The original directions called for you to use five strands of floss instead of the usual two or three. Using that much was annoying for me for some reason, which is why I stopped it. Now I am doing it with just two. It doesn't have the same "puffiness," but it is still cool.

I am just including this picture to show off my new hoop. It has a rubber ring instead of plastic or wood, and you don't need to tighten it or something. It can be a struggle to get situated at first, but it keeps things nice and tight. Just like daddy likes. I have no idea why I decided to take this picture next to my stove top though.

So far, about a third of the way through.

I got this book through interlibrary loan (more on that later), and just made copies of the patterns I wanted to use. Ergo, I have no recollection of what it is supposed to look like.

Here is the part I am working on now. I am showing this to you because it made me laugh. One of the color symbols is "T" and another is "I." This, of course, leads to several areas that just say "TIT" all over them.

Ha. It says tit.

I am soooooo mature.

Thanks, Ondorisha, whomever or whatever you may be.


  1. That is pure win! Can't wait to see your finish! :)

  2. Thanks for the encouragement, pals.

    We'll see how I feel about it when it is done. if I like it, the pharmacy is next....

  3. I just had someone forward a link to your blog! Oh please keep it up! I so enjoy reading about your projects...your antics....your philosophies! I was laughing out loud at some of the posts! The one about DMC and the other about haunting people! What a bright spot to find this blog! Thank you so much! And this project looks wonderful!


  4. Hi! I just found your blog and love your sense of humor. Love those colors on the black background - I go blind stitching on black but oh it looks so good.

  5. Dear Denise and Myra-

    Well I could just shrink you two down and carry you around in my back pocket.

    Thanks for the kind words, and I am glad you are enjoying all of this so far.

    Myra: I really like how stitching on black winds up looking, but you are right. You can only go so far before your eyes need a rest. There are better ways to go blind.....ha!

    Denise: Tell your friend (who obviously cares about you deeply) thanks for sending you here. Now pay it forward and invite your hundreds of friends to drop by, too and so on.

    Then I will become the most powerful cross stitcher in the universe and I will be unstoppable! Mwa-ha-ha!

  6. LMAO! Too funny! Oh believe me! I am sending them! Bwahahahahaha! Can I be an evil minion? I have always wanted to be an Evil Minion. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz?


  7. Consider yourself officially minionized!

  8. Update...this is just about done. I will post as soon as completed.

    I had to slow down on it a bit, a the black was really starting to bug my eyes.